China's medical instruments & equipment sector is booming!
Date:2021-10-19 19:30:20 Visits:140

Fast prototyping and multiple solutions under a single roof are helping to meet the increasing demands of the Chinese medical device sector.

The increasing healthcare expenditure and the aging population indicate greater demand and growing market potential here. Considering Europe and America, the growth speed of medical device manufacturing in China has been much faster. Think like this, the market size of China’s medical equipment industry was about 98.5 billion US dollars in 2019 and expected to be 120 billion US dollars in 2020, growing to 129 billion US dollars by 2021.

Hebei Baochang Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. and its medical wire-based system offer a unique selling point in the partnerships it builds with customers to implement all the demands for customized products. From initial design to prototyping and final production, in addition to an extensive range of high-quality metals and configurations, we focus on it all.

Our section of business in China lies in the high-end medical device industry! It has been recognized as a strategically growing sector and well supported by the Chinese Government. As per the market experts, most of the similar fields still depend on imports.


Looking at the number and current market trend, we are optimistic about the future growth potential of medical instruments companies in China. In the past few years, we have seen rapid demand growth for hospital beds, wheelchairs, and other hospital furniture. Considering the latest data, the number of medical device manufacturers has crossed 25,000.

Baochang has adapted to these client needs, and it is evident in our capacity to develop in line with market demands in different locations as a worldwide corporation. The company is determined to achieve customer satisfaction; therefore, it adjusts medical devices to your requirements and releases them on decided deadlines. To deliver these advanced solutions, we employ high-quality and consistent technical and human personnel to cement the commitment with customers. Hebei Baochang wholesale hospital beds supply in China is also quite in demand. Get in touch with the team for product information!


The top three locations in China identified as the hotspot for the sector are the Guangdong province, Jiangsu province, and Shandong province. It could increase to be more than 30,000 medical instruments companies distributing in China nationwide in the future.


With so much potential and demand for medical device goods in China, business development executives in the firm, work hard to keep a close eye on the market to fulfill production demands and appeal to potential consumers.


Our business development professionals constantly take on the industry challenges and keep the company on the right track even through unprecedented times. The fiercely competitive environment and the fast-paced innovation of medical device research and development will boost many leaders in the coming days.


The firm has a collaborative relationship with different stakeholders across the medical devices value chain. Business development is never about just closing one deal! It is more about establishing long-term trust partnerships with our customers. We need to have key customers and then maintain the relationship and develop further, to know their pain points and difficulties and the next move for their innovation.


Our top-line executives need to echo the market needs. The Chinese market requires us to respond faster and continuously optimize the one-stop purchasing customer experience. It’s always good to analyze oneself in the competitive environment to adapt quickly to market changes. There is immense potential for our business in China, particularly in the Medical Equipment Manufacturing sector.

We do have a few key competitive advantages here, first of all, the stronger demand coming from customers in China to closely work together with their local technical engineer to create a prototype and also present them with this one-stop solution to ensure the high quality of the finished products. Another significant contentious advantage for us in China can be seen from our strong manufacturing capability. Hebei Baochang Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. has a comprehensive product portfolio in the market.


It provides more than 100 medical products with more than 210 companies from 96 countries trusting us. Here we offer the finest materials. Baochang specializes in the development, manufacturing, and sales of medical equipment. Contact us today for cost-effective wholesale products!