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About Baochang

The biggest advantage of our medical equipment is safety and cost-effective.

Meet the team

Although the price of our products is not the lowest, but the quality is very good. Overseas sourcing is tired of this low-quality product. Because we have better optimized the process, while taking into account the rate, the production cost is lower, so we established Baochang company.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of our medical equipment is safety and cost-effective.

We mainly do wholesale business, because there is no limit on the MOQ, it is easy for customers to make a purchase decision after seeing the product on the website.



Baochang factory is close to Tianjin Port, and has convenient transportation. We purchase a large amount of raw materials every year, so the product cost is low; the production process is standardized and the management system is perfect; has professional quality inspection personnel to ensure that provide users with high quality Products; have many years of overseas sales experience.

Purchase from us before the price of raw materials increases!

Why Choose Baochang

Quality Control

Every step under strict quality control to provide high quality products to customers

Customers Services

Protect customers' interests and provide cost-effective products

Aftersales Services

Quickly, to be a reliable medical bed company, never let you feel helpless

Professional Sales Team

Yeard of experiences overseas sales team ensure every trading link goes smoothly

Low MOQ Customize

Support a small amount of customer customization

OEM & ODM Available

Qualified R&D team to carry out customized projects

Purchasing Steps

You are interested in items, please fill out the form on the website to inquire with us. Our salesman will report the price to you after getting the purchasing information. After both parties confirm all transaction details, we will send samples to you. After being satisfied with the sample, we will continue our order.

After the factory has produced the goods, they will be sent to the customer's country by sea.


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