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Baochang Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.-Medical Device Supplier in China

A decade ago, you could get medical devices in China mainly from large government-owned companies. Today, approximately 12,000 private medical distributors operate in China. As the sector is rapidly expanding, it can be difficult for healthcare customers to find a trustworthy medical instruments company in China.

Baochang Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. has been recognized among the most effective and reliable medical device suppliers in China.

Before choosing a medical instruments company in China, check for these common issues-

·   Private Distributor Market Scope: Despite the expanding Chinese medical device distributors over the last few years, the market portion acquired by honest and high functioning private medical device distributors is relatively low. Also, not all suppliers provide national coverage. Check for the license and authenticity trademarks before making a choice.

·   Replicated Products: Replicating other manufacturers' medical instruments & furniture designs can cause structural defects. Check for products' quality and endurance before placing an order.

·   Untrained Technicians: Many Chinese distributors are involved in Western manufactured medical devices; yet, not all sellers are employing trained staff to create these.


·   Poor Customer Service: Ensure your potential medical distributor understands significant business concepts such as "conflict of interest". Do they have the same business viewpoints as you? Ask important questions during your consultation meeting about the manufacturing and assistance provided during the complete process till the products reach you.

·   Language Barrier: Can distributors speak your language or are fluent in English to communicate properly? Baochang Medical's local office in China has experienced professionals to handle these medical distributor agreements.

·   Convenient delivery in your area: High-functioning healthcare establishments benefit from devices and medical furniture delivered to their doorstep.

Baochang aims to provide high-quality products, convenient delivery options, and reliable customer service for maximum client satisfaction. Get in touch with us today!