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Benefits of Electric Hospital Beds
Date:2022-03-04 16:39:21 Visits:277

With electric beds, users and caregivers can enjoy the comfort and functionality they need without sacrificing any of their daily tasks. Remote control is attached to the side of the bed, and it is controlled by plugging the electrical bed into an outlet. Power must be supplied by a VDE-approved power source - 220V, 50/60Hz.

The power drives the ability to position the bed in any position, so there is no need for a physical effort like with a semi-electric or manual bed. The backrest can be adjusted to an elevation of 90 degrees with adjustable positioning. Adjusting the lower part of the bed can also improve circulatory health and comfort.


Hospital beds can be easily adjusted with power. Users can reshape their position using the hand controller instead of having a caregiver do it for them. In addition to the ability to control the bed's feet and head, an electric bed can also be adjusted in height. It can then be raised so that caregivers can reach the patient if they need to get out of bed.

This makes it safer for the patient to get out of bed. Users will feel more independent when they have more freedom to move.

Patients are kept safe by safety features. On the back of the hand controller, for example, is a lock that can be activated by the caregiver using a key switch. Medical products supplier hebei is into supplying electric hospital beds bulk supplier. 


With an electric hospital bed, what type of mattress can I use?

An adjustable mattress that relieves pressure must be purchased. In addition to providing strength and durability to the mattress, the firm foundation layer provides a firm surface that provides support as the user is getting into and out of bed.

Mattresses ordinary won't work - if you want your adjustable base to work, the mattress needs to bend and flex while maintaining its structural integrity. The mattress retainers on the bed's side and end must also fit snugly inside the bed. It is possible to become injured by sleeping on an incompatible mattress, as body parts can become trapped.

Mattresses on electric hospital beds are typically thinner than those on standard beds. A thick mattress won't bend as much as a thin mattress. When you raise your head and feet, the bed becomes shorter the thicker the mattress. In addition, you risk causing damage to the electric parts.


What Materials Go Into Making An Electric Hospital Bed?

In addition to including state-of-the-art processing equipment, hospital beds must be free from hazardous materials. Every component must be carefully selected and put through a continuous quality check by the manufacturer. 

Electric hospital beds are constructed with materials that do not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or solvents. 


In a power outage, what happens to an electric hospital bed?

The power connection may not always be reliable when you need it. The reclining surface on electric hospital beds can be lowered in an emergency using a battery-operated mode during a power outage. To provide this function, our bed includes 9-volt batteries in the control unit. It is possible to cycle the bed's functions 50 times with a backup battery accessory without using an external source of power.

In terms of how easily they can be used and how much adjustability they offer, fully electric hospital beds are typically better. Utilizing a hand controller, the bed can be controlled completely electronically so the user can position it as required without waiting for help to arrive.