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Why Electric Beds are so Comfortable to Use?
Date:2022-04-09 18:09:43 Visits:326

The hospital bed has evolved into an essential component of patient care today. Modern beds have taken on a new dimension for both patients and caregivers with technological improvements.

When it comes to hospital bed maintenance, every bed component must function well to provide excellent patient care. Because hospital beds are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they must be in condition for the safety of both patients and caregivers.




During a service, practically every function and component of the bed is examined to confirm that the hospital bed is still functioning correctly and that both patients and staff are safe when using it.

First, the service engineer will do a visual inspection of the bed; This will give them a good indication of how the mattress is holding up in general and will assist them in identifying any potential problem areas that may require repair.

They'll look for evident damage to the bed ends, framework, base, and side rails. In addition, the engineer will evaluate the brakes and castors.


After that, the engineer will inspect all of the hospital bed's electronic components, including the tilt, raising, head, and foot mechanisms that allow the profile and move about following the position. They'll also look for noticeable damage to the motors and control box.

If the bed has a sensor or an alarm that sounds when a patient gets out of bed, the engineer will test it to make it's still working.

An inspection will be performed on the hospital bed to ensure it functions well and is safe for use. It is essential to inspect almost any type of specialized healthcare equipment regularly.


However, certain precautions must be taken on your part to ensure that the bed performs correctly for a more extended period and can bring in concern of Electric Hospital Beds Supplier in China. The following tips can help you provide the best possible care to your patients.



The most important thing to remember is that any hospital bed maintenance or servicing must be done by the company-appointed professional service engineer who installed the bed. If you have a hospital bed servicing contract with the firm that provided your equipment, contact them to schedule service if it is needed.



Before the bed goes to the next patient, it is critical to check that all of the bed's functions are in good working order. As a result, any danger is minimum, and patient care is improved.



Before it is assigned to the next patient, it is critical to check that all functions are in good working order. As a result, any danger gets cut, and patient care is improved.



When the bed is not in use for an extended period, it should be in a dry, flat, rodent-free indoor environment with a gradient of no more than 5 degrees. It is also vital to test to ensure that the bed is working and that no electrical or mechanical harm has occurred during inactivity. Contact your supplier to arrange for a qualified service engineer to inspect the equipment.



Depending on how the hospital bed is used, certain moving parts may need to be replaced owing to normal wear and tear. Replacement of those parts with genuine, company-supplied spares is always advised for safety and hassle-free operation.



Regular visual inspections of the bed are required to check for any mechanical damage (loosening/missing rivets, screws, etc.), which will ensure the bed's smooth operation in the long run.



It is always a good idea to unhook the mains supply before performing any maintenance on the hospital bed.



It is evident that when patients are confined to hospital beds for an extended period, they must be kept as comfortable as possible. However, it is also critical that they are in a bed that allows medical professionals to provide them with the care they require. Medical professionals and caregivers have access to these components through the hospital bed and accessories industry.


Hospitals use electric beds because they are convenient, easy to adjust, and safe for patients and caregivers. This fully automated electric bed has a low voltage system and a quiet engine, making it safe.